Accessories for the Palfinger loading and Z crane

Accessory equipment line for the Palfinger loading and Z cranes

Released: 23 October 2017

Grapple = the classic crane accessory

We offer matching grapples for every application. Proven technology ensures high reliability and quality.

The clamshell bucket or also called the bulk material gripper is suitable for all cargo-handling operations. The grapple can be used for digging sand or loose soil, as well as for simple excavation work. The clamshell bucket is available as an assembly kit or pre-assembled model. Available from December 2017!

Scrap grapples by ScaleART

The scrap grapple belongs to the category of orange peel grabs and is a hydraulic grapple that consists of a central frame to which 3 to 6 teeth are attached. Completely made of brass and painted, this scrap grapple increases the range of applications of the loading crane. It is connected by quick-release fasteners provided as standard and can therefore be realised without any prior knowledge.

Palfinger timber grapples by ScaleART

Palfinger timber grapples can be mounted on both the loading crane and the Z crane. Perfectly suited for loading long or short logs. The grapple is made entirely of brass and meets the highest standards. Connection is child’s play thanks to the quick-release fasteners on your loading crane. No additional valve is required. The grapple is equipped with a telescopic cylinder.

Crane forks

When equipped with the right crane fork, your crane will become a multi-talented all-rounder.

Pallet Forks (Turning Forks)

When equipped with the right crane fork, your crane will become a multi-talented all-rounder when it or handling palletised and packaged goods. For classic pallet handling, we offer you a choice between crane forks with mechanical or hydraulic centre of gravity compensation.

The hydraulically adjustable turning fork built on the Palfinger model is equipped with a cylinder, which allows the centre of gravity of the load (pallet) to be changed so that the load hangs straight. In addition, the fork can be turned 90° so that it can be transported in a space-saving manner. This sophisticated accessory part is available as well as the other attachments for the Palfinger as a kit or already assembled. Available from December 2017!