Hydraulic connection nipples from ScaleART!

An absolute innovation — the hydraulic connection nipples from ScaleART!

Released: 26. June 2020

Unlike the previous and standard connection nipples, these are not made of brass but of stainless steel! This makes higher tightening torques possible, which in turn guarantees higher durability, reliability, and tightness of the connections.

Quickly loosening or overtightening threads is now a thing of the past!

However, the visually and technically very cleanly manufactured components offer a further and decisive advantage: The union nuts, which replace the previous sleeves, can be installed and uninstalled very easily via threads. This allows installed hoses to be removed from the hydraulic nipple without causing any damage and reused without having to shorten them.

All connection nipples whether for 2 mm, 3 mm, or 4 mm hoses are provided with an M3 connection thread.

Double connections (see picture) can also be realized with the two available sleeve screws short and long.

The simple assembly is made possible by specially developed tools, which are similar to a ring/fork wrench, thus finally completely eliminating the need for annoying and cumbersome handling of pliers, sandpaper, etc.!

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