MiniCOM & Commander EXPERT

MiniCOMM & Commander EXPERT – Now More Choices of Remote Controls

New Addition to the Commander Family

With the MiniCOMM, we will be able to close the gap between the Commander BASIC and our flagships Commander SA-1000 and SA-5000 in the entry-level area of model truck construction. The MiniCOMM is the perfect fusion of both remote controls: It combines the technical performance of the Commander BASIC with the high-quality design and standard found in the SA-1000 and SA-5000.

The EXPERT versions of the SA-1000 and SA-5000 are more geared towards discerning model-building enthusiasts. A new joystick made of solid stainless steel offers even more precision, especially when it comes to controlling hydraulic models. We have added a bit of quality to our existing remote controls with this upgrade.

All Commander remote controls including remote controlled trucks and construction machines from ScaleART can be found in our online shop.

Commander EXPERT – For Discerning Enthusiasts

Our high-quality Commander SA-1000 and Commander SA-5000 remote controls fulfill the wishes and needs of most customers. The EXPERT line, is primarily aimed at model builders who are looking for a remote control that offers quality, precision and elegance. In terms of functionality, the EXPERT models are identical to the Commander SA-1000 or SA-5000. However, we have equipped the new remote controls with a specially designed joystick featuring Hall sensors instead of a potentiometer as in previous models. The joystick is milled from solid stainless steel. All bearing positions are ball bearing free of play to one hundred percent. This offers unprecedented precision that cannot be topped.

MiniCOMM – The Compact Entry Model

In contrast to the Commander EXPERT, the MiniCOMM represents a somewhat leaner version of the Commander flagships SA-1000 and SA-5000. Weighing in at 850 grams, the little brother is quite a bit lighter than the models. For the compact size, the big 3D joysticks were replaced by handy potis. The aluminum housing, levers, knobs and controls are manufactured in the usual high quality, so the MiniCOMM is just like its big brothers. It can also hold its own in terms of technology. With a total of two proportional joysticks, six proportional rotary controls, twelve switching channels in up to eight levels, up to 128 servos can be controlled. The MiniCOMM offers a somewhat economical yet less elegant entry into our Commander series. Thanks to its compact and handy design, the new remote control is suitable as a supplement to your SA-1000 or SA-5000, for example as a second transmitter for “travelling” new additions.

Affordable upgrade to Commander EXPERT

Thanks to the MiniCOMM and the EXPERT models, our Commander family has again grown quite a bit – and now adapts even more individually to customers’ truck models. By the way: Those who already own a Commander SA-1000 or SA-5000 from ScaleART don’t need to buy a new remote control for the EXPERT version. We can upgrade the SA-1000 and the SA-5000 with new joysticks and twinsticks to Commander EXPERT in-house. However, the new joysticks are not available for sale separately.

Prices for retrofitting a current remote control
• SA-1000 – Retrofitting both 3D joysticks + 3rd joystick for € 500
• SA-5000 – Retrofitting both 3D joysticks + twinstick + 3rd joystick for € 580
Prices for the Commander models (gross retail prices)
Commander Basic € 799
MiniCOMM € 950
SA-1000 2D € 1.495
SA-1000 3D + 3. Joystick € 1.745
SA-1000 Expert + 3. Joystick € 2.150
SA-5000 € 2.950
SA-5000 Expert € 3.350