Price increases in the current market situation

Price increases in the current market situation

Released: 21. December 2021

We would have liked to take this opportunity to thank all our customers solely for your loyalty, wish you a wonderful holiday season, and also a happy new year!

Much as we regret, we too, cannot get around announcing an annoying price increase ...

We know exactly how you feel, as we have been on the receiving end from all our suppliers, service providers, etc. for months now, called a “price increase”!

Sometimes, we feel that the increases are exaggerated, yet often we know that they are reasonable and justified.

We don’t like price increases, which is why we keep our prices stable whenever possible and have managed to do so for years.

One example: the price for our rim sets is still from our early days some 20 years ago! Back then DM 210 > today EUR 105

How could we make such a thing even possible?

Well, we have always passed on to our customers the price advantages we gained by producing larger quantities and working more efficiently, among other things, through stable prices.

Thanks to our innovation and our broad product portfolio, we initially succeeded in continuing to pursue our major Unimog project and start production even during the pandemic. We were also able to guarantee our comprehensive service as usual and keep our products at stable prices.

We all can look back on unsettling times, and what the future holds is uncertain. What is certain however, is the extreme rise in prices for raw material, high energy costs, supply bottlenecks, and an uncertain supply of a wide range of components. Transport and procurement costs for many materials, to name but a few: brass, stainless steel, aluminium and, at the top of the list, electronic components, are posing major challenges to companies worldwide and are now also forcing us to recalculate our prices for the coming year.

We have taken measures to first of all be able to deliver to you at all and secondly to keep prices as stable as possible in the long term. Despite various efforts on our part and the savings achieved in the process, we can no longer fully compensate for the extreme increases.

In light of this situation, we unfortunately cannot avoid introducing a 6% price increase on all products from 1 January 2022.

We would like to thank you for your loyalty, ask for your understanding in implementing this necessary measure, and assure you of the consistently high quality of our products with the shortest possible delivery times.

Currently conditions apply for all orders received until 31 December 2021.

We would like to say goodbye to you for the holiday season from 23.12.2021 and will be back for you from 3 January 2022!