UniCOMM and MiniCOMM Commander from ScaleART

UniCOMM and MiniCOMM Commander from ScaleART

Released: 19. February 2021

The new ScaleART Unimog appeals to many fans of the original who are not yet necessarily familiar with functional model building.

The fact that the new ScaleART Unimog is equipped with the in-house Commander remote control technology is a necessity. Without this compact and functionally extensive technology, the “invisible” installation would not have been possible.

When it comes to functional model building, the Commander has not only established itself: there is no getting around the remote-control systems.

Now, you cannot naturally assume that everyone, and especially newcomers, will want to invest €1500 for a Commander SA-1000 or double that for an SA-5000.

We also offer the perfect solution in this respect

Many aficionados in the model world are already familiar with the entry-level Commander MiniCOMM, which is an economical entry-level solution into the world of Commanders.

We have now launched another variant exclusively for the UNIMOG project, which appropriately enough, goes by the name of UniCOMM.

Aside from the visual adaptation to the Unimog model, the price of the latest Commander offspring is particularly interesting!

To facilitate the entry financially, the company opted for an injection moulding tool due to the expected higher production volume, to minimise the manufacturing costs for the previously 3D-printed housing. The new sales price will probably be around €699.

This means that this system is at the lower end of the price list without offering anything less. In future, all proud MiniCOMM or UniCOMM owners will also be offered a smart transport case. It will be adapted to the large case, made of aluminium with logo imprint and matching moulded cut-outs made of foam.