Construction machinery

Your model kit for construction machines

With our construction machines, your model landscape will take on new dimensions. From now on, our true-to-original crawlers designed for the terrain will define your passion for model making.

The Swiss army knife of construction machines

The models 963B and 963D play a decisive role for us. They form the basis for our models. Our crawler transporter is also based on the 963D model. Your collection can look forward to 22 bar of pure hydraulic power and two 0.4 hp Faulhaber drive motors with this model and that’s not all. Our crawlers are ideal for rough terrain and can therefore reach areas that are out of the question for other models. With the combination of hydraulic shovel and rear ripper, we also like to call our crawlers our Swiss pocket knife.

Dense ground is not a problem

The construction machines by ScaleART Model Manufactory are able to break up even dense ground. With the right combinations from our range, you will be able to change model landscapes in no time at all. This is just the thing for model collectors who like to knuckle down and go to work. The crawler tracks can withstand almost any terrain and transport your debris away. Our three high-quality crawlers add the finishing touch to your collection.

Painting and lettering

A model, no matter how lovingly it is assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would lose its authenticity and, worse still, its appeal through poorly executed painting. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals who prove their skills time and again when it comes to painting and lettering. Be it an elaborate airbrush paint job or tiny lettering, for example a type plate: With our models you can expect professional craftsmanship and the loving, perfect finish.

track loaders/construction machinery

  • True-to-original replica based on the 963B and 963D models, as well as modification of the crawler transporter.
  • High-quality and robust production from brass
  • Painting in original CAT colours
  • Drive motor with 0.8 hp performance
  • Max. operating pressure 22 bar
  • Weight between 12 and 17.5 kg
  • Sound system for construction machinery
  • Additional construction equipment: rear ripper, rock shovel, combination shovel
  • Special accessories: Rockfall protection grille, flashing lights