Time to hit the saddle

With the ScaleART semi-trailers, you are pursuing a completely new line in the field of model making. Our models have a level of detail that illuminates long-distance traffic from another side.

Semi-trailers from ScaleART

Transporting goods is not an easy task, but the semi-trailers in our range have two, three or more axles, so that even larger loads can be transported with ScaleART semi-trailers.

Customers can also select their personal model from a wide range of models, of course. The result is a custom-built semi-trailer model that precisely suits your needs. With a customised driver’s cab, the semi-trailer model replica becomes a real eye-catcher.

On the road with a semi-trailer

Soon you will be able to make made-to-measure transports because with the semi-trailers from the ScaleART range, transport in model making will take on a completely new dimension. Simply select the number of axles you wish to equip your model with. The model will be tailored precisely to your needs. But that’s not all.

Setting the drive in motion

The semi-trailer are available with rear or all-wheel drive. For this reason, you can equip your model to suit your transport preferences. Of course it is possible to combine the semi-trailers with the different attachments from our range. In addition, we have trailers that can be linked to the semi-trailer model.

Cabins from our Metal line

Actros, Arocs, MAN-TGS; MAN TGX-XL or XXL ... You define today’s streetscape. Unwaivering machines with up to 600 hp engine power, some of which have been designed according to the most modern ergonomic criteria.

For international long-distance transports, the major truck manufacturers offer an almost complete range of models with a wide variety of cab variants, chassis configurations and engine power.

At ScaleART Model Manufactory, we also pay great attention to the variety of models. That’s because we are not content with just a few vehicle types but can also meet the wishes of our customers in this area.

When manufacturing the models and their parts, such as the vehicle frame, we refer to the original manufacturer's specifications or templates, which we take into account when realising the model. The frame is crafted by hand from fine brass sheet metal and, as in the original model, stiffened with transverse trusses, which are additionally secured by filigree miniature screws to give the frame its necessary stability. The frame attachments, which are also important distinguishing features of a vehicle series, are also faithfully reproduced in detail. The following section on the models manufactured in our company does not claim to be complete but only shows a summary of our possibilities.

Painting and lettering

A model, no matter how lovingly it is assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would lose its authenticity and, worse still, its appeal through poorly executed painting. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals who prove their skills time and again when it comes to painting and lettering. Be it an elaborate airbrush paint job or tiny lettering, for example a type plate: With our models you can expect professional craftsmanship and the loving, perfect finish.


  • Optionally available as a two- three- or multiple-axle semi-trailer
  • Can be combined with the following cabs: MAN TGS-M, TGX-XL, MAN TGX-XXL or from the Mercedes Benz the Arocs or Actros Gigaspace cab
  • Authentic original wire frame milled from stainless steel with built-in crossbars and screw connections
  • Fuel tank in different lengths with complex tank holder and treads
  • Battery box, compressed air tank, hitch plate, frame gangway based on the original model
  • Original MAN Euro mudguards or Mercedes mudguards, as well as round aluminium or checker plate mudguards are also available.
  • Aluminium rims produced from solid aluminium or multi-piece trilex rims in six- or ten-hole design
  • Special accessories available on request: Aerodynamic package, flashing lights, roof and front light brackets, trailer hitch
  • Possible combinations: detachable ballast platform, half-pipe tipper semi-trailer, box or sliding tarpaulin trailers, various low-bed semi-trailers