Container vehicles

Container that packs a punch

With the three-axle chassis by ScaleART Model Manufactory, you can enter the forwarding business of model collectors.

Container bodies design with love down to the last detail

The container superstructures have proved to be made from the highest quality and have also been lovingly designed down to the tiniest detail. The interchangeable system lets you be versatile. However, we also offer models with a fixed body. Our models can be furnished with personalised lettering. Perfect for your advertising and you can also combine it with a central axle trailer including body. Whether you want to use the containers for advertising or other purposes, our models offer you guaranteed strong arguments.

High-quality craftsmanship of the container bodies

A high payload is very important for models of this type and therefore, our ScaleART models provide you with quality containers for your shipping passion. They are made from brass or aluminium. Original portal doors or a functional rolling door put the finishing touch on your model. These models are only available as ready-built models.

Painting and lettering

A model, no matter how lovingly it is assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would lose its authenticity and, worse still, its appeal through poorly executed painting. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals who prove their skills time and again when it comes to painting and lettering. Be it an elaborate airbrush paint job or tiny lettering, for example a type plate: With our models you can expect professional craftsmanship and the loving, perfect finish.

container vehicles

  • Optionally available as a two- or three-axle semi-trailer
  • Available with the following cabs: MAN TGS-M, MAN TGX-XL, MAN TGX-XXL, Actros 2 from the metal line, Volvo FH12
  • Authentic original wire frame milled from stainless steel with built-in crossbars and screw connections
  • Tank with complex tank holder and treads
  • Spare wheel holder with spare wheel on an aluminium rim
  • Available with all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or as display model with no functioning parts
  • Lockable differential axles with milled steel gears
  • Aluminium rims produced from solid aluminium
  • Three-speed manual transmission
  • Special accessories: Roof and front light brackets, rotating lights, aerodynamic package and many more
  • Can be combined with low loader semi-trailers, half-pipe roll-off semi-trailers or box semi-trailers