loading crane

Our loading crane takes a load off

Need to transport rubble by air or haul building materials to the construction site? This is no problem at all with our hydraulic loading crane. The Palfinger model replica is capable of reaching construction sites that are difficult to access so that you can break new ground.

Palfinger loading crane by ScaleART

Use the stable basic structure of this model to move heavy loads. Model building enthusiasts will notice it immediately: Our model is based on the Palfinger PK 23002 PH and of course we attach great importance to giving it an original paint job. This can vary according to your wishes.

Combine the loading crane with other models from our range or use the construction material trough with loading crane as a self-sufficient working unit and create a model construction fleet that is unmatched. The technology that goes into our cranes is very complex. That is why we only deliver our crane model as a ready-assembled model.

Reproduction of the PK 23002 PH – Quality from ScaleART

By using only high-quality materials, we offer you a crane of the superior class. The lifting and pushing cylinders are made of high-quality metal. The loading crane is made entirely of brass, which results in a high payload. Stability is undoubtedly a true ScaleART achievement. Equipped with hydraulic cantilevers and a 360-degree slewing system, there are no limits to this implement You are also free to combine our crane with the hydraulic versions from our model range. The versatility of our ScaleART cranes enables you to upgrade the quality of your construction site.

Painting and lettering

A model, no matter how lovingly it is assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would lose its authenticity and, worse still, its appeal through poorly executed painting. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals who prove their skills time and again when it comes to painting and lettering. Be it an elaborate airbrush paint job or tiny lettering, for example a type plate: With our models you can expect professional craftsmanship and the loving, perfect finish.

Palfinger loading crane

  • True-to-original replica of the PK 23002 SH
  • High-quality and robust production from brass
  • Endless slewing system with unlimited movement
  • Functional design that is both practical and beautiful
  • Number of pull-outs: 3
  • Max. lifting capacity 2 kg
  • Max. reach 2 kg
  • Support width 315 mm
  • Hydraulic booms
  • Required space 90 mm
  • Crane width folded 172 mm
  • Max. operating pressure 15 bar
  • Weight of loading crane approx. 1.6 kg
  • Approx. 100 built-in hydraulic nipples
  • Approx. 12 m installed hydraulic hose
  • 7 valves + 7 servos