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in shape, material and design.

Utmost precision

form the soul of each model.

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Thanks to great attention to detail.

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The art of superior model building

Dreams don’t happen on the assembly line

If you have looked over the shoulders of our model building specialists, you will see a ScaleART model forever through different eyes and you will never look for a comparison again.

Uniqueness and quality are values that do not come from the assembly line. We have to do hands-on work to create something that is extraordinary and sustainable in terms of quality, design and material. This is a philosophy we have internalised and live by every day. Perfection and precision are what shape our work; they form the ‘soul’ of each individual model from ScaleART Model Manufactory.

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All ScaleART models are available as road ready models, as complete kits or even in individual parts. Put together your very personal and individual model of your choice, with or without all-wheel drive, with lockable differential axle, 15 bar hydraulic system for tipping vehicles and painted in the colour of your choice. A ScaleART model leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.

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ScaleART Commander

Unrivalled control of your model. ScaleART's Commander series brings a whole new level of control to your collection.

One for all

The affordable entry-level solution for functional model building. The ScaleDRIVE accessories are able to turn your models into a fully functioning truck.

Upgrade your Drive

The new ScaleTRIAL off-road concept The ScaleTRIAL series focuses on appearance and technology because we have the means to complement your model with high-quality parts

Budget ScaleART

„The joy of good quality lasts longer than that of a reasonable price.“

- Michael Sonntag, Dipl. Kommunikationswirt

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Timeless classics ... they also exist in model making. Perhaps the best-known classic is the Unimog. It is not only impressive thanks to its unmistakable appearance but also in functionality and its exciting history. In addition to the Unimog, there are many other young models and old-timers that make modelers’ hearts beat faster.


Price increases in the current market situation

We would have liked to take this opportunity to thank all our customers solely for your loyalty, wish you a wonderful holiday season, and also a happy new year! Much as we regret, we too, cannot get around announcing an annoying price increase ...


New closure for the flat roll-off trough

From now on, there is a tailgate that can be folded down and serves as a ramp. This flap is designed as a combination lock, so that the flap swings freely when the body is tilted or can be or can be folded down when the trough is set down.


ScaleART Unimog News

As everyone knows, anticipation is the best joy but even that comes to an end at some point.


Planetary hub reduction axles from ScaleART

The patience of our customers was put to the test for an unusually long time, especially by ScaleART standards!

Trade Fairs & Events

Trade Fairs & Events

March 23 - 24, 2024

ScaleART action days at the Unimog Museum

An der B 462 / Ausfahrt Schloss Rotenfels, 76571 Gaggenau, Germany

April 18 - 21, 2024


Strobelallee 45, 44139 Dortmund, Germany