Roll-off tippers

Nothing will roll off here!

You will occasionally find some rubble in your model building landscape, which has to be transported off course. With our roll-off tippers, you can transport the dirt away from the spot. The rubble is finally transported away from the construction site with a quality model by ScaleART.

Roll-off troughs with power

Our roll-off tippers feature stability and attention to detail that will warm your heart. Our high-quality materials let you remove the rubble out of the way with stable lifting power. You have the option of dropping off the trough directly on the construction site and picking up a trough that is already fully loaded with rubble and transporting it away.

The roll-off troughs for our roll-off tippers are made of 0.6 or 0.8 mm sheet brass and are therefore able to take on even heavy rubble. With a roll-off tipper body, which is based on the original from Meiller, you can truly clear ship on your model construction site. The body is made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel, according to your quality requirements. The ScaleART roll-off tipper body mostly has an anodised coating, all other parts are coated with a high-quality paint. This way, you get a model with a beautiful design and of course our models also come delivered with excellent stability. Two stainless steel lifting cylinders and an additional lifting cylinder are available to remove up to 7.5 kg of rubble out of the way.

The following troughs are available for our roll-off tippers: flat and high roll-off troughs with portal doors, tailgate or combination lock; construction material trough with removable side walls; construction material trough with Palfinger loading crane as a self-sufficient working unit.

Painting and lettering

A model, no matter how lovingly it is assembled from a multitude of individual parts, would lose its authenticity and, worse still, its appeal through poorly executed painting. To prevent this from happening, we rely on selected professionals who prove their skills time and again when it comes to painting and lettering. Be it an elaborate airbrush paint job or tiny lettering, for example a type plate: With our models you can expect professional craftsmanship and the loving, perfect finish.

roll-off tippers

  • Powerful construction site vehicle with three or four axles
  • Versatile application thanks to a combination of different bodies: Flat or high roll-off troughs or construction material troughs
  • Available with the MAN TGS-M or Mercedes Benz Arocs construction site cabs as well as the MAN TGX-XXL or Mercedes Benz Actros long-distance cabs.
  • High-quality and robust roll-off tipper body made of aluminium, brass
  • Functions: Rolling off or setting down the body; unloading by tilting backwards
  • Rear-wheel drive or full power with all-wheel drive
  • Lockable drive axles and three-speed manual transmission with high-quality interior
  • Hydraulic system from our in-house production, with approx. 18 bar hydraulic pump in the vehicle tank and a total of 4 stainless steel cylinders.
  • Authentic original wire frame milled from stainless steel with built-in crossbars and screw connections
  • Battery box, compressed air tank, spare wheel and other frame attachments based on the original model
  • Original MAN Euro mudguards or Mercedes mudguards, as well as round aluminium or checker plate mudguards are also available.
  • Aluminium rims produced from solid aluminium or multi-piece trilex rims in six- or ten-hole design
  • Special accessories available on request: Flashing lights, roof and front light brackets, trailer hitch, air horns, front mounting plates
  • Possible combinations: Roll-off trailer, low-bed trailer in different versions