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Classic-Line 21. September 2022

Timeless classics ... they also exist in model making. Perhaps the best-known classic is the Unimog. It is not only impressive thanks to its unmistakable appearance but also in functionality and its exciting history. In addition to the Unimog, there are many other young models and old-timers that make modelers’ hearts beat faster.

Price increases in the current market situation 21. December 2021

We would have liked to take this opportunity to thank all our customers solely for your loyalty, wish you a wonderful holiday season, and also a happy new year! Much as we regret, we too, cannot get around announcing an annoying price increase ...

New closure for the flat roll-off trough 25. August 2021

From now on, there is a tailgate that can be folded down and serves as a ramp. This flap is designed as a combination lock so that the flap swings freely when the trough is tilted or can be folded down when it is set down.

ScaleART Unimog News 14. April 2021

As everyone knows, anticipation is the best joy but even that comes to an end at some point.

Planetary hub reduction axles from ScaleART 23. February 2021

The patience of our customers was put to the test for an unusually long time, especially by ScaleART standards!

UniCOMM and MiniCOMM Commander from ScaleART 19. February 2021

The new ScaleART Unimog appeals to many fans of the original who are not yet necessarily familiar with functional model building.

Longer delivery times for Commander products 17. February 2021

Unfortunately, we are currently facing a situation of “global procurement problems” that is absolutely new territory for us.

ScaleART UNIMOG Preview in Gaggenau – a complete success! 30. October 2020

On October 17 and 18, 2020, our exclusive presentation of the world’s first true-to-original and fully functional Unimog was held in the sacred halls of the Unimog Museum.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog – ScaleART makes it possible! 02. July 2020

In mid October, the presentation of the first fully functional Unimog model by ScaleART from Waldsee, Germany will take place in cooperation with the German Unimog Museum.

Hydraulic Nipples by ScaleART 26. June 2020

Unlike the previous and standard connection nipples, these are not made of brass but of stainless steel! This makes higher tightening torques possible, which in turn guarantees higher durability, reliability, and tightness of the connections.

When can we expect the next update for the Commander remote control? 03. December 2019

We released the last update for our Commander remote control in 2017. Since then, the software hasn’t been updated anymore. Isn’t it time for another update? After all, these days all devices and apps are constantly receiving updates to stay up to date. As to all our models, the same applies to the Commander: We only sell completely mature solutions.

Heavy-Duty Planetary Hub Reduction Axle –
Next-Level Drive Technology 04. October 2019

Our drive technology for construction vehicles has reached the next level thanks to the new heavy-duty planetary hub reduction axle! A shorter gear ratio means that the remote-controlled trucks can be steered even more precisely through extremely difficult terrain. We will be showcasing our planetary hub reduction axle at the Faszination Modellbau trade fair in Friedrichshafen.

Award: TruckModell-Star 2019 - Doll-Langholz-LKW 11. July 2019

The readers of TruckModell magazine voted ScaleART model Doll long wood truck tuned and the model with the 1. Place elected.

MiniCOMM & Commander EXPERT – Now More Choices of Remote Controls 31. October 2018

ScaleART now offers three new models of the Commander remote control: the MiniCOM and the Commander SA-1000 Expert or SA-5000 Expert. This means the Commander line can adapt even better to the different needs of model building enthusiasts, for example with the MiniCOM as a second transmitter for new additions or the Expert version for precise control of hydraulic models.

New MiniComm remote control available in fall 2018 07. September 2018

This fall, the Commander series from the ScaleART Model Manufactory will get a new addition. The MiniComm remote control is a further development of the Commander BASIC remote control and adapts to its two big brothers SA-1000 and SA-5000 in terms of quality, look, and performance.

Award: TruckModel-Star 2018 for "Outstanding Innovation” 10. August 2018

The readers of TruckModell magazine voted ScaleART the most innovative manufacturer of truck models this year.

We have regularly been on the winner’s podium for the TruckModel-Star in recent years. This year the VTH publishing house presented us with the model truck award for "Outstanding Innovation". We want to say thank you for that!

Timber truck by DOLL to be unveiled at Intermodellbau 19. February 2018

Where could the unveiling of our new truck model be more appropriate than at the world’s largest trade fair for models and model sports: the “Intermodellbau” in the Westfalenhallen of Dortmund? From 19 to 22 April 2018, you will be able to visit our exhibitor stand and experience our prototype firsthand: the new timber transporter by DOLL.

Grapples and accessories for the Palfinger loading crane 12. February 2018

From bulk material gripper to scrap grapples right through to timber grapples, the ScaleART online shop now offers a wide range of accessories for the Palfinger loader and Z crane.

White glass pane for Commander SA-1000 and SA-5000 05. February 2018

The Commander SA-1000 and SA-5000 remote controls are now available with a white glass panel as the user interface. Like its black counterpart, it is also made of scratch-resistant, hardened glass and printed from the back side.

Customers can now choose between white and black glass panes for the Commander remote controls in ScaleART’s online shop without paying a surcharge.

Modelltech cancelled: trade fair will not ake place in March 2018 01. February 2018

Messe Sinsheim GmbH has cancelled the “Faszination Modelltech” trade fair schedule for March 2018. The reason is the low number of stand bookings by exhibitors. The future of the international model fair for model aircraft, cars and trucks is uncertain.

However, the “Faszination Modellbahn” (English: Fascination Model Railway) partner fair will take place as usual from 9 to 11 March 2018, however without the ScaleART trucks.

Accessories for all ScaleART models 27. October 2017

It can be easily mounted on all ScaleART front mounting plates (no front coupling!) using a quick-change adapter. No tools are required for this purpose. This ensures a simple play operation.

The brush is suspended so that it always lies optimally on the ground to achieve good sweeping results.

Accessory equipment line for the Palfinger loading and Z cranes 23. October 2017

We offer matching grapples for every application. Proven technology ensures high reliability and quality.

The clamshell bucket or also called the bulk material gripper is suitable for all cargo-handling operations. The grapple can be used for digging sand or loose soil, as well as for simple excavation work.

Roll off-tipper-body in halfpipe-design 22. October 2017

A Roll off-tipper-body in halfpipe-design is now also available in addition to the popular classic roll-off troughs in the flat and high versions. This trough makes it possible to load and transport large quantities of earth or other loads.

Just as with the original in 1:1, the brass sheet model receives its solid, semicircular form by bending the sides and the floor several times.

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