Three-way tipper

Nothing will roll off here!

Our three-way tippers are perfect craftsmanship when it comes to transport models by ScaleART Model Manufactory.

A three-way tipper for your model vehicle landscape

Based on the original construction plans of our licensed partner Meiller, the tipper was designed with a remarkable transport volume and what’s more, it shines with an outstanding hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump with a pressure of approx. 15 bar is able to remove rubble from any model construction site. The entire tipper body can be unloaded to three sides, making this model from the ScaleART product line truly the perfect construction site vehicle.

We are able to provide our customers with the type 9 for two-axle chassis, type D316 (M-Jet) for three-axle and type 421 for four-axle chassis thanks to our license partnership with Meiller.

When making the ScaleART models from the product line for three-way tippers, we naturally attach great importance to the highest quality. All the bodies of the tippers are made from brass sheet metal using a high-quality CNC milling process. The metal has a thickness of 0.6 or 0.8 mm. But that’s not all because the individual parts are manufactured with an eye for detail, making the ScaleART three-way tipper a real eye-catcher. Appearances are everything. That’s why we put so much effort into the painting process. The three-way tipper receives a coat job consisting of three-layers. This comprises: The primer, the base coat and finally also the clear coat.

The paint job should correspond to the customer’s requirements

With regard to the paint, ScaleART customers can have their say. In this way, the three-way tipper becomes a detailed and individual model vehicle, which can offer first-rate transport for every customer. The high-quality tipper body withstands all types of loads for transport and offers customers plenty of joy. With this robust vehicle, even removing the most problematic loads is now child’s play because ScaleART presents its customers with the three-way tipper, a model that actually works efficiently.

three-way tippers

  • Compact and powerful construction site vehicle, available as a two-, three- or four-axle three-way tipper
  • Available with the MAN TGS-M or Mercedes Benz Arocs construction site cabs
  • High-quality and robust three-way tipper body made of brass
  • Optimum unloading of the load to the rear, right or left with the three-way tipping body
  • Rear-wheel drive or full power with all-wheel drive
  • Lockable drive axles and three-speed manual transmission with high-quality interior
  • Hydraulic system from our in-house production, with approx. 15 bar hydraulic pump in the vehicle tank and a three-gear telescopic stainless steel cylinder.
  • Authentic original wire frame milled from stainless steel with built-in crossbars and screw connections
  • Battery box, compressed air tank, spare wheel and other frame attachments based on the original model
  • Original MAN Euro mudguards or Mercedes mudguards, as well as round aluminium or checker plate mudguards are also available.
  • Aluminium rims produced from solid aluminium or multi-piece trilex rims in six- or ten-hole design
  • Special accessories available on request: Flashing lights, roof and front light brackets, trailer hitch, air horns, front mounting plates
  • Possible combinations: Three-sided tipping trailers as tandem or drawbar version, low-bed trailers in various designs