Made in Germany!

Prototypes are always very important in our manufacturing process because they allow us to provide you with the perfect model.

An important step towards series production

By testing their proper functioning, mobility and joints, we go through every detail of our models again to create models that are close to perfection. This is precisely the goal of ScaleART: making first-rate models for passionate model collectors.

Prototypes provide us with the opportunity to improve our models and carry out any potential revisions immediately, so that a model of the superior class arrives to your home. From verifying functionality to design mock-up, ScaleART prototypes provide the foundation for your model.

Our model prototypes are produced using a 3D printing process to create prototypes which offer us the opportunity to make sophisticated models. The prototypes can be painted, chrome-plated and even coated. That is why we make sample models which enable us to create your dream model.