CAD Design

Made in Germany!

The trust our customers place in us is top priority. That’s why we create our models with our own hands with the expertise of our two in-house designers who use Autocad and Solidworks software, among others.

This is where your dreams come true in a 1:14.5 scale

We create dreamlike models in our workshops according to your taste. In this respect, 100% in-house work is a matter of course for us. ScaleART uses its own parts and designers to make your dream of the perfect model come true.

ScaleART plays with your ideas and creates your model from them. Our designers and creative minds work feverishly and passionately to make your model a reality. Industrial orders are also a key task of ours. We produce industrial models for every customer requirement in our company.

The latest CNC milling machines combined with our know-how enable us to produce these parts that are true to the original and precise. Different materials are processed, e.g. brass in thicknesses of 0,5 mm, 0,8 mm and 2 mm, aluminium in 0,8 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm. The fascination of being able to produce such parts from brass or aluminium sheet metal panels precedes everything. Even back then they said, “Brass is the stuff model dreams are made of”.