Released: 21. September 2022

Timeless classics ... they also exist in model making. Perhaps the best-known classic is the Unimog. It is not only impressive thanks to its unmistakable appearance but also in functionality and its exciting history. In addition to the Unimog, there are many other young models and old-timers that make modelers’ hearts beat faster.

Right in front is the Mercedes-Benz SK, said to be the first in our new and limited CLASSIC LINE. The SK was built from 1988–1998, so it would be both a young and a classic car, because all vehicles older than 30 years count as a classic car.

The Mercedes Rundhauber is older than 30 years and is twice as old, at over 60 years! A Mercedes compromise solution that developed into a story of success.

They shaped road traffic not only in Germany but all over the world for almost 40 years. Its distinguishing feature – the rounded and bonnet.

A compromise was made between the earlier long bonnets and modern front-steerers. An estimated 650,000 complete vehicles were built until 1996, and in the last year of production, there was a final series of 60 units until production was finally discontinued after 37 years.

Of course, this unmistakable character of the Mercedes round bonnet joins the ranks of our Classic Line and will also be available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

The Classic Line models are equipped with the latest technology, assembled roadworthy and built, and delivered exactly according to your wishes.

You decide whether it is meant to be a floor model for your collector’s showcase or a fully functional model that is in no way inferior in terms of performance even to the modern lorries of today.

A certificate of authenticity with designated model number rounds out your collectible in terms of exclusivity.

Below we explain the FAQs in a brief and concise manner:

  • Why is the Classic Line limited?

    ScaleART is a manufactory with a total of 25 employees and ... we do everything ourselves!

    Let’s start with the design of our models or their components because this is done directly by us, by our in-house CAD development team. In addition to the production of all body and superstructure parts, we also have the necessary know-how to manufacture all hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components in our manufactory. We have a vertical range of manufacture that is unparalleled, and there is a specialist for every area.

    Naturally, a designer cannot paint like a painter or vice versa. Our specialist for hydraulic assemblies concentrates fully on this task and cannot, for example, devote additional time to drive technology. Every single functional component requires full concentration and absolute expertise. This is the only way we can guarantee that our functional models will last a lifetime. Precisely these specialists are rare, those who love their craft and that is basically a hiring criterion at our company, even rarer.

    In this respect, our capacities are limited to a few units that could also be described as homeopathic.

    When we limit models, we have good and justifiable reasons because we can only produce the limited edition and not a single piece more.

  • Are the Classic Line models also available as a kit?

    Writing assembly instructions is an essential part in the development of new models, which is very time-consuming and costly. Based on the low limited number of pieces, there will therefore be no assembly instructions.

  • Can I order the SK or Rundhauber cabs individually?

    The Classic Line models can initially only be ordered as complete models. No final decision has been taken on this issue yet.

  • What model variants will there be?

    Basically, the Classic Line is intended to represent a range of popular older lorries. Which models will be included depends on the demand, success in the licensing agreement, and realistic quantities that can be generated. Custom-made products can be realised conditionally according to certain criteria and the assumption of one-time costs. Feel free to contact us about it!

  • What scale are the Classic Line models in?

    The Classic Line models are built in our customary scale of 1:14.5.

  • Which materials are used to make the cabs?

    The cabs are manufactured using a metal-plastic mixed construction. For this purpose, we use a supporting framework made of metal, which guarantees the stability of the cabs. A plastic outer shell is attached to this framework, which in turn ensures a high level of detail. The finish is carried out as usual in high quality by applying several coats of paint.

  • When will the models be available?

    The models can be ordered starting at Faszination Modellbau trade fair, and we will deliver the first vehicles in early 2023. However, you can sign up now to be placed on the pre-order list.