Longer delivery times for Commander products

Longer delivery times for Commander products

Released: 17. February 2021

Dear Customers,

Unfortunately, we are currently facing a situation of “global procurement problems” that is absolutely new territory for us. Our PCB supplier from Switzerland contacted us and had the following words to say:

Quote from „Lagebericht zur Entwicklung der Beschaffungsmarktsituation“ of 29.01.2021

It is becoming regrettably apparent that our pre-announcements from November and December 2020 are turning into bitter reality – one can almost speak of a “perfect storm”. The basis for this “storm” is a chain of various events. Specifically, the pandemic in and of itself, shortages of raw materials, dramatic conditions in sea freight from Asia, and extremely strong growth in such as automotive and telecommunications.

Our intention with this letter is to:

1. Create understanding and awareness for what is happening on the market today and can already have an impact on your products and customers tomorrow.

2. Demonstrate that we can best manage loss prevention in our partnership with you and how we can achieve it.

What are we facing?

  • Replenishment times are steadily increasing, >30 weeks is currently “normal”.
  • There are a few suppliers/manufacturers who no longer accept short-term orders (until summer 21).
  • Standard prices of manufacturers have increased by 5–20%. We are talking about regular price increases by manufacturers across their entire product range.
  • Confirmed orders will be postponed by several weeks shortly before the delivery date
  • Due to allocation, delivery dates will no longer be confirmed with increasing tendency
  • Information on delivery times is no longer reliable or is no longer provided at all
  • Multiplication of freight costs due to shortage of shipping capacity

In clear terms, this means for our customers and us that we are currently unable to deliver urgently needed electronic modules as follows for the time being and will probably only be able to deliver again in approx. 6 months:

  • Multifunction receiver CM-5000 (76000359)
  • Multifunction receiver CM-1000 (76000358) a small stock is still available!
  • HF antenna module (76000364)

This circumstance is very unfortunate for all of us, and we ask for your understanding as well as support in this matter!