ScaleART Unimog News

ScaleART Unimog News

Released: 14. April 2021

Dear Unimog Customers,
As everyone knows, anticipation is the best joy but even that comes to an end at some point.

That’s why today, we would like to bring you up to date on the current status of Unimog production and tell you what has happened in the meantime since the presentation at the end of October 2020.

After the successful presentation in the Unimog Museum and the great feedback from the world of model building, we were highly motivated to continue working hard for you. We received many more requests in terms of: kits, mounting tools, model versions, wheelbases, superstructures, etc.

Believe us, we would love to fulfil everyone’s wishes, but you can imagine that this is unfortunately not feasible.

As with all other ScaleART models, the Unimog was designed to be as true to the original and in the highest quality as possible. This means there are no components from a 3D printer (the only exception here is the grill version of the U5023), tools were built for everything else!

One tool for...

  • ... the metal die-casting of the cab parts
  • ... The plastic die-casting of the cab parts such as windscreen wipers, recessed grips, interior, Mercedes star, wheel arches, mudguards, ventilation grille, radiator grille, battery box, exhaust, and much more.
  • ... the precision cast stainless steel parts such as lamp guards, strobe light grille, tarpaulin hooks, dropside hinges, steering levers, steering knuckles, etc.
  • ... The metal die-casting of the chassis parts such as reinforced frame, tubular cross braces, suspension turrets, stabiliser bearings, and much more.

These high-quality parts ensure that you can enjoy the ScaleART Unimog for a lifetime. Careful handling, as well as care (as with its big brother) are naturally a prerequisite.

The construction of the tools listed has already been completed, and we were able to hold the first casts in our hands and inspect them. What’s more, the projects below were immediately realised by popular demand:

  • Hydraulic three-way tipper bridge (available from May/June)
  • Front and rear power lift (available from autumn 2021)
  • Short wheelbase -> agricultural version (available from autumn 2021)
  • Long wheelbase (available from autumn 2021)
  • Hitch plate

You will receive a production-ready Unimog according to the latest development standard! There is no pre-version of the Unimog or even a Unimog with pre-series parts. The assembly instructions for the Unimog in standard frame length will also be available immediately. This way, you will safely achieve your finished Unimog step by step.

The actual production of your Unimog in our model construction workshop will begin almost as planned at the end of April/beginning of May.

Still have change requests? Looking to maybe change the colour after all?

Looking for more accessories? Or do you have questions about your kit?

If so, you can tell us about your wishes and questions by 20 April. Until then, we kindly request that you make your deposit if you have not already done so. Change requests received after this date could possibly no longer be able to be considered.

All data (bank details, deposit amount, order number) can be found in the email including your order confirmation that we sent to you after placing your order. If you can no longer find them, no worries, we will be more than happy to send them to you again.

We would like to point out once again that we can only start customising your Unimog once your deposit has been received.

Let’s now enjoy the last few weeks of anticipation because soon you will hold your very own ScaleART Unimog in your hands as a kit or finished model.

Best regards,
Your ScaleART Team

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